The Christmas Guide 2022

With under six months to go until the big day, find out what’s in store for Christmas 2022 here at The Christmas Guide!

Overhead view of a woman's hands tying a red ribbon around a gift wrapped in brown paper. It is set on a dark wooden table and other Christmas gift wrapping supplies surround the box

There’s now under six months to go until Christmas Day 2022 – that’s less than 175 days. While some people might think that it’s too soon to start planning Christmas, the fact that you’re here at The Christmas Guide probably means that you’re already starting to think about it.

Like most of us, you’re probably at least a little bit worried about how you’re going to pay for Christmas. Everything seems to be getting more expensive these days, and there’s no sign of that slowing down. And of course after the last two years, we’re all longing for a normal Christmas in 2022 – spending time with our friends, family and loved ones has never felt more important.

So I thought I’d give you a little preview of what plans we’re making for the months ahead and how we hope to help you make the most of Christmas 2022.

Making Christmas Plans

We’re big fans of planning here at the Christmas Guide, and getting ready in advance is going to be a key part of getting Christmas right in 2022.

So we’ll be updating all of our planning guides with the latest tips and information on how to have a fantastic Christmas without breaking the budget. We’ll be checking our money saving tips and Christmas planning guides to make sure that they’re all up to date so that you can plan your Christmas budget and get your shopping organised well ahead of time.

And our popular Get Ready for Christmas series will be back for 2022, fully updated and packed full of the tasks you need to check off your list. The first weekly post will go live on 2nd October 2022 (12 weeks before the big day!) and you’ll also be able to sign up to receive email updates each week.

Top view of hands wrapping Christmas gifts in dark grey paper with silver ribbons against a white table top background

Gift Guides and Special Offers

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes to bring you our best ever selection of Christmas gift guides. 

We’ll be focusing on the more affordable end of the gift scale this year, to help you make the most of your present buying budget. We’ll share our pick of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, and we’ll also have some ideas for home-made gift ideas.

Overhead view of Traditional Christmas fruit mince pies decorated with pastry stars ready to be sprinkled with powdered icing sugar

Christmas Food and Drink

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the food and drink but it certainly eats into your Christmas budget, doesn’t it? So we’ll be sharing recipes that  will help to make your food and drink budget go a little further.

Like you, we’re very aware of our gas and electricity bills at the moment. So even if the forecast turkey shortage doesn’t actually materialise, it would feel wrong to suggest recipes that need you to have your oven on for 4+ hours. Instead we’ll be sharing some ideas that feel celebratory without hiking up your electricity bill, as well as helping you to make the most of your leftovers.

I wish that I could be certain about what the world has in store for the next six months, but I can be certain that The Christmas Guide will be here to help you make the most of Christmas 2022. 

I hope you’ll join us!


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