10 weeks to go – get ready for Christmas 2021!

With just 10 weeks to go, our handy tips will help you with your planning for Christmas 2021!

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The next 10 weeks are sure to fly by and if you haven’t already started planning Christmas, this is the week to get things underway.

Planning is the key to any great event, and Christmas is no exception to the rule. So here are five simple things that you can do this week to help make planning Christmas 2021 easy.

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Plan your Christmas budget

Ideally you would have started planning your budget much earlier in the year. But if you haven’t done so yet, this really is the week to tackle this job.

A well planned budget will help you to decide how much you can afford to spend on Christmas and what you want to spend it on. And then as the big day gets closer, your Christmas budget will also make it easier to keep track of what you’ve bought and what you still need to purchase.

So set aside some time one of the days or evenings this week to go through our guide to planning a Christmas budget. It will lead you step by step through the process and once you’ve completed it, you’ll feel much more in control of your Christmas planning.

Order your Christmas turkey

Or beef, or goose… Basically, if you’re planning to serve meat at your Christmas dinner, now is the time to get your order placed. With all of the additional pressures on deliveries this winter, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for anything that you would hate to be missing on Christmas Day.

You might want to serve the traditional Christmas turkey, but you could opt for something a little different like roast beef, goose or even salmon. Or if your Christmas celebrations are on a smaller scale, why not prepare an indulgent roast duck or steak recipe.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can be a bit more relaxed about your Christmas dinner centrepiece. But it’s still a good idea to start thinking about what recipe you will be serving so that you can have a trial run if necessary.

Book online shopping slots

And while you’re thinking about Christmas food, this is also the time to book your online grocery slots for Christmas week.

The major supermarkets have started releasing their online shopping slots for the week leading up to Christmas. So if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the supermarkets in the days before Christmas, you need to get your slot booked now!

Don’t worry about making a full list now, you can usually check out and reserve your slot with just a few items in your basket. But make a note in your diary or set a reminder to go back and update your basket before the cut off date, or you could see the supermarket van turn up two days before Christmas with just a couple of bottles of Champagne.

(Yes, that really did happen!)

Buy Advent Calendars

Although there are still six weeks to go until the start of December, Advent calendars are starting to turn up online and in shops.

Whether you’re looking for a countdown calendar that’s filled with chocolate treats, beauty products or something a little more unusual (pork scratchings, anyone?), buying them now will avoid anyone being disappointed on 1st December.

And if you are looking for a beauty Advent calendar as a treat for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll love our new Christmas giveaway that starts on Monday!

Book a Christmas Treat

If you’ve included a Christmas day out or event as part of your Christmas budget, don’t leave it too late to book your tickets.

You might be planning a visit to the pantomime with your family, a relaxing pre-Christmas spa break or a trip to a traditional Christmas market. Booking your tickets now means that you can relax in the knowledge that they won’t sell out, and it also gives you something else to look forward to.

Don’t forget to book any travel or hotel rooms for your treat as well.

Tick these jobs off your list this week to bring you one step closer to a wonderful Christmas 2021. What jobs are on your to-do list ?

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