Book Review: The Christmas Book Club

Experience a magical Christmas in Vermont in Sarah Morgan’s latest novel, ‘The Christmas Book Club’!

Front cover of Sarah Morgan's new festive novel, The Christmas Book Club, set against a Christmas flat lay background of pine tree branches, Christmas gifts and decorations.

Sarah Morgan is one of my favourite festive authors, and I love books like Snowed in for Christmas (see my review here) and The Christmas Escape (click here to read my review). This Christmas, she’s whisking us off to a snowy inn in Vermont where three members of a Book Club will experience a life-changing festive break.

The Christmas Book Club is set at the Maple Sugar Inn, a picture-perfect historic inn run by Hattie, who moved from the UK to Vermont to run the inn with her husband. Two years later, he was killed in a tragic accident, leaving her to run the inn and raise their young daughter, Delphi. Hattie makes all her guests feel like they’re having the perfect holiday, but still doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s doing or how to cope with everything life has thrown at her.

Three 40-ish women arrive at the inn for a pre-Christmas break. They’re planning one of their regular ‘Book Club’ holidays, where they’ll read books, drink wine and put the world to rights. The trio have been friends since university, but their lives have taken very different paths.

Erica is single, child-free and a highly successful businesswoman but arrives with a family secret in mind. Claudia’s 10-year relationship broke down six months previously, and she’s also fallen out of love with her career as a chef. And perfect wife and Mum, Anna is struggling to come to terms with the idea that her twins will soon be flying the nest.

Front cover of Sarah Morgan's new festive novel, The Christmas Book Club, set against a Christmas flat lay background of pine tree branches, Christmas gifts and decorations.

By the end of the week at the Maple Sugar Inn, all four women’s lives will look very different!

I really enjoyed reading The Christmas Book Club. Sarah Morgan creates a magical setting at the Maple Sugar Inn – I would pack my bag and spend a week there in a heartbeat. The four women at the centre of the story are all very believable characters, and I felt genuine sympathy for the emotional turmoil they all found themselves in.

I particularly empathised with Anna as her life as a stay-at-home mum was being turned upside down. Her emotions felt very relatable, and I really hoped that she’d find some resolution to her issues. I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that Sarah weaves all of the storylines together in a very satisfactory way!

And little Delphi totally steals every scene she’s in without being too saccharine-sweet. Her dinosaur obsession really made me smile!

Sarah Morgan has yet again created a fabulous festive read. We rarely get a white Christmas here, but this novel will whisk you off for a magical and heart-warming stay in snowy Vermont.

 I can’t wait to see where Sarah takes us next Christmas!

The blurb:

A long-lasting friendship
Every year, Erica, Claudia, and Anna reunite for their book club holiday. They’re bonded by years of friendship and a deep love of books, but there is still so much they keep from each other . . .

A perfect Christmas escape
At the cosy Maple Sugar Inn, Hattie specialises in making her guests’ dreams come true, but this Christmas all she wants is to survive the festive season. Between running the inn and being a single mother, Hattie is close to breaking point.

The start of a brand-new story…?
Over the course of an eventful week, Hattie sees that the friends are each carrying around unspoken truths, but nothing prepares her for how deeply her story will become entwined in theirs. Will this Christmas be the end of the book club’s story or the start of a whole new chapter?

Read yourself happy with Sarah Morgan!

A magical, emotional and heart-warming Christmas novel 8.5/10

The Christmas Book Club is available now in Kindle format, audiobook and paperback

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