Welcome to the Christmas Guide!

Sally Akins, owner and editor of The Christmas Guide

I’m Sally Akins, and I’m the site owner and Editor here at The Christmas Guide. We love Christmas every bit as much as you do, and we love to talk about it all year around.

When something is as much fun as Christmas, why keep it just for December?

We’ll help to take the pain out of planning Christmas, make Christmas present buying easy, and help you to create the most delicious Christmas feast ever.

What’s in the Christmas Guide?

The site is still fairly new so we haven’t got everything quite in the right place yet – please bear with us!

But inside you’ll find pages full of articles, planning tips and book reviews, all with a suitably festive flavour. And over the coming months we plan to add Christmas recipes, gift guides, Christmas crafts, DIY gift ideas and more.

Here are a few posts we think you’ll love:

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Get ready for Christmas

So, get a glass of something delicious, make yourself comfy and get ready to plan a Christmas to remember with the help of The Christmas Guide!